How Spearmint Tea Can Help Clear Up Your Acne Naturally

Key Takeaways

Spearmint tea can potentially reduce acne due to its anti-androgen, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.

Alongside being a potential treatment for acne, spearmint tea may have other benefits. These range from dealing with some forms of pain to helping the body fight against cancer.

There is some scientific evidence backing up the medical claims of spearmint tea. However, there isn’t a ton as of yet. Instead, much of the evidence is anecdotal.

Spearmint tea is one of the latest natural alternatives to acne treatments that has taken the world by storm. Many videos have popped up, especially on TikTok and similar platforms, touting the potential benefits of the tea for your skin. Some sources even report that Kourtney Kardashian drinks spearmint tea to stop breakouts.

But is spearmint tea actually as helpful for acne as social media makes it seem? If you’re looking for acne treatments, you’ll find a lot of options, but only a handful that are helpful. With the possible harmful side effects of some alternative treatments, it’s important to thoroughly vet any option, even natural ones, before you start. Many of these options produce harmful side effects that end up being worse than acne.

So, is spearmint tea a safe and effective alternative to acne treatments? Keep reading this article to find out.

Spearmint Tea for Acne

Many people swear by spearmint tea for acne. This has caused many people with questions about acne treatment to look into it as a potential option.


Androgens are the hormones responsible for “male” characteristics in both men and women. However, when too many are present, they have the potential to clog pores. This can go on to cause acne.

Because of this, one method for treating this type of acne is with anti-androgens. One study found this to be an effective and safe treatment option. This may make it a preferable option over more risky forms of therapy.

To make matters worse, spearmint tea may have anti-androgen properties. Because of this, many people are using it as a way to prevent or clear up acne. Many of these people have had good results, but these results are, admittedly, anecdotal, as no large study has been conducted to seriously examine the specific link found here.

Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, & Antibacterial

Spearmint has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. These are good for general health and may help reduce acne.

They all do this in different ways. Helping treat various harmful conditions, removing harmful bacteria, and reducing pore size can all positively affect acne.

Does it Work?

As mentioned earlier, there hasn’t been a ton of research conducted on the exact link between spearmint tea and acne. So, it isn’t possible to say for certain that it helps.

However, one study by the American Academy of Dermatology suggests that there is a link. This study suggested that regularly drinking organic spearmint tea reduces acne.

On top of this, there have been studies that connect spearmint tea to anti-androgen properties. This further supports the science behind spearmint tea being a treatment for acne.

So, putting these scientific studies together with some positive anecdotal evidence, there seems to be a trend. It seems that spearmint has at least some role in helping to reduce acne. Therefore, it may be worth considering when putting together an acne treatment plan. Just make sure to use spearmint tea safely while working with your provider.

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How to Use Spearmint Tea for Acne

The best way to use spearmint tea for acne is to jump right into it. Drinking some spearmint tea whenever you feel like it is a great way to start.

However, if you’re looking for serious results, you may want to approach the issue with a licensed professional who can help you with a safe and effective treatment plan. You can try to regularly drink one cup of organic spearmint tea each day. More than this can be harmful to you.

Measure the progress you are making after a month. If you see any results, then keep up with what you’re doing. If you aren’t, you can try having a little more tea every now and then or even making other changes to your diet.

In addition, don’t rely on spearmint tea alone to clear up your acne. While signs point towards it being helpful, it is not thoroughly proven effective and can be unsafe if overdone. Always make sure to work with your licensed provider to create a plan to tackle your acne.

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Side Effects of Spearmint Tea

Spearmint tea isn’t currently known to have any side effects for many people, though there are some exemptions. Instead, it simply offers a natural alternative to other treatments.

However, the long-term effects of regularly drinking large amounts of spearmint tea have not been tested. There still isn’t any indication that it is unsafe, but it hasn’t been confirmed that it is safe either.

Just because spearmint tea is natural, that does not mean it’s completely safe. There is a fine line to walk when it comes to safety. Moderation is key when it comes to consuming anything. To avoid possible harm, limit your intake to one or two cups per day for 16 weeks.

Excessive consumption of spearmint tea can lead to kidney or liver damage. This is especially true if you already have a kidney disorder or liver disease.

Overconsumption can also be especially dangerous if done while pregnant or breastfeeding. Large amounts of both spearmint and spearmint oil are harmful during both of these times.

In addition, if you are on any medications, ask your doctor before you start sipping spearmint tea religiously. It can negatively interact with certain medications, including sedatives and those that impact the liver. Your doctor will be able to assess whether drinking spearmint tea is safe for you.

Other Benefits of Spearmint Tea

Spearmint tea isn’t just for acne. It can also be used to help with many other health problems.

Knee Pain

Spearmint tea is a suggested form of treatment for knee pain. In many cases, knee pain is the result of inflammation. Since spearmint tea can help treat inflammation, this may be the reason that spearmint tea seems to help with reducing knee pain.

Reduce Hirsutism in PCOS

Spearmint tea has a tested association with anti-androgen properties. These may be specifically helpful in helping to reduce the hirsutism, or excess hair, that comes with PCOS. This seems likely as it is believed that this hair comes from the presence of male hormones in the body.

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Sleep Aid

In many cases, drinking tea is associated with staying awake. While many forms of tea have some level of caffeine in them, spearmint tea does not. In fact, spearmint tea may help aid sleep. Current evidence comes from animal studies, as opposed to human ones. However, many people find spearmint tea calming and report an anecdotal connection between drinking it and being able to fall asleep faster.

Shrink Cancer Cells

Antioxidants are generally believed to have a connection with fighting some forms of cancer. Since spearmint tea is an antioxidant, there is some potential that it fits into this role as well. Some studies have even shown this in a laboratory setting, though they have yet to show it in humans.

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Are Other Mint Teas Effective?

Most forms of mint tea aren’t actually individual types of tea but are a combination of two different varieties of mint tea. This includes spearmint. So, drinking regular mint tea will still include some peppermint tea in the mix, albeit at much lower levels. This suggests that mint tea would still have an effect but would be less potent.

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Clearing Up Your Acne with Spearmint Tea

Clearing up acne doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply making a few changes here and there can have a profound effect. One of these changes may be to start drinking spearmint tea.

If done safely, it can be a supplementary way to reduce acne. However, it’s not a replacement for safe acne treatments that have been proven effective. If you truly want to clear up your acne, stick to careful monitoring from your licensed provider and FDA-tested medications you can trust.