Epiduo For Acne: Dosage, Treatment, And More

Key Takeaways

  • Epiduo is a common prescription acne medication to fight severe or moderate acne. It does this with the help of two powerful ingredients known as benzoyl peroxide and adapalene.
  • Your doctor will explain the specific dose of Epiduo for your needs. However, the average amount involves putting a small, pea-sized amount of Epiduo in the affected areas once every day at roughly the same time of day.
  • You will likely experience some mild side effects during the first month you use Epiduo. This will typically go away on its own. However, if they persist, you should see a doctor. Also, protect your skin from sunlight when you wear Epiduo.

Did you know that fifty million people in the United States struggle with acne? For most people, this common skin condition is a minor inconvenience. However, for others, it can seriously affect their physical and mental well-being.

If you fall into this category, consider more vital medication than over-the-counter. Epiduo is a popular prescription that’s a good jumping-off point.

But precisely what is it? And how do you dose it? This helpful article will walk you through everything you need about Epiduo for acne treatment. That way, you can decide if it’s right for you.

What is Epiduo?

Before we begin, it’s essential to cover precisely what Epiduo is. Epiduo is a prescription medication in gel form applied to the skin. This medication treats acne thanks to two main active ingredients: benzoyl peroxide and adapalene.

The benzoyl peroxide in Epiduo helps fight off the harmful bacteria that cause acne thanks to its antibacterial properties.

Meanwhile, adapalene (a topical retinoid) heals any acne blemishes you might have. What’s more, it also has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent new breakouts.

What is Epiduo Forte Used for?

Some people use Epiduo and Epiduo Forte interchangeably. But it’s important to remember that these two products are different. Both of these products contain the same types of active drugs. Where they differ is their concentration of adapalene.

Regular Epiduo has 0.1% adapalene, while Epiduo Forte has 0.3% adapalene. This higher concentration means that Epiduo Forte is approved for children twelve and up, while regular Epiduo can be used at nine.

Is Epiduo Good for Acne?

Thanks to the active benzoyl peroxide ingredient, Epiduo is good at fighting acne before it emerges. Plus, adapalene can have a healing effect on any existing acne or acne scarring you might have. That’s why the FDA approved the drug to fight acne.

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What Type of Acne Does Epiduo Treat?

Epiduo can be used to treat multiple forms of acne. Specifically, it’s often used for mild acne or the beginning stages of acne. Epiduo can also be used in combination with oral medications for moderate-to-severe acne. This can include acne vulgaris, hormonal acne, and cystic acne.

However, it’s important to note that Epiduo can be pretty strong, especially if you have Epiduo Forte.

How to Use Epiduo

Before you can use Epiduo, you first need to get it. Make sure to check out this guide to answer some FAQs on how to get the prescription medication. Before you apply Epiduo, you should first wash your skin with water or a mild skin cleanser.

Then, apply a small, pea-sized amount to each area of your skin. Try to avoid getting the gel near your eyes and mouth.

Additionally, please don’t get it on your clothes, or it will bleach them with white spots. Only apply Epiduo once per day.

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Dosage of Epiduo

Epiduo doses can be slightly complicated. First, the average dose doesn’t include a specific amount. It just mentions a pea-sized amount spread over a thin film on your skin. Second, the quantity will be different for different people.

If you have severe acne all over your body, your doctor might recommend using more than the average amount. Or, if you’re a younger child, your doctor might recommend using less than the average amount.

It’s essential to use Epiduo once every day. However, if you miss a dose, avoid applying extra. Simply skip the missed dose and wait until it’s time to apply again.

Person applying Epiduo to their hand

How Long Does it Take for Epiduo to Clear Acne?

The specific amount of time it takes for Epiduo to work will depend on your body’s reaction to it. Some lucky people begin to see results after only a week of using the gel.

However, for most people, the best results won’t come in until twelve weeks after use. It’s essential to continue using Epiduo even after you see results since it can prevent more acne from emerging.

Can Epiduo Remove Acne Scars?

The jury is still out on if Epiduo removes acne scars. However, some initial studies are promising. One study found that the drug efficiently reduced the growth of new spots.

The same study also found that it could improve the appearance of older scars. That being said, more research is needed before a conclusive answer can be given.

The Side Effects of Epiduo

There are some side effects that may occur with the use of Epiduo. If you are concerned, contact your dermatologist.

Mild Side Effects

Let’s start off with some of the more common side effects you’re likely to experience when use Epiduo. During the first month that youuse Epiduo, you may notice at least one of the following symptoms:

  • Red skin
  • Dry skin
  • Scaling
  • Burning or stinging sensations
  • Swelling around the skin

In some cases, you might also experience skin purging.

But other studies that involve products with adapalene have caused skin purging in the past. The good news is that these symptoms tend to go away after the first month of using Epiduo.

Severe Side Effects

You’re not likely to encounter any of these side effects because they’re quite rare. Still, it’s important to know about them, just in case. Serious side effects that come with Epiduo include things like:

  • Swelling around the eyes, lips, nose, or mouth
  • Feeling faint or light-headed
  • Difficult breathing
  • Itching or hives
  • Tightness around the throat and constriction

These symptoms are all signs that you’re allergic to an active ingredient within Epiduo. As such, you should call 911 or go to the emergency room as soon as you’re able.

Woman drying skin with a white towel

Epiduo for Acne

Epiduo is a more aggressive acne solution than over-the-counter options. Just make sure that you wear sunscreen whenever you go out with it. And remember that you can save money on the price of Epiduo by signing up for Honeydew. Our affordable pricing makes it easy.